How Can I Work Online From Home without Investing or Selling Products ? 

The answer is simple. Create a Website and Join Free Affiliate Programs.  

What is an Affiliate Program? An Affiliate Program is a company who has partnered with online businesses such as Walmart, Target, Macy's, Avon, etc. When you join a free affiliate program like LinkShare they will provide advertising links and banners for you to insert into your webpage.   The businesses you choose to advertise will pay you a commission every time a visitor on your site clicks one of the links and makes a purchase.  Click the $ symbols below to view some of my commission earnings  $  $      

How Much Can I Earn ?   The amount you can earn varies depending on the type of products you decide to promote and advertise. The number of webpages you include in your website is also an important factor, as well as the time you spend creating and submitting your site to the search engines.

How Do I Create A Website ?  The easiest way is to sign up with a webhosting company that offers a free domain name, website builder and professional website templates.

How Much Will It Cost ?   Many webhosting companies offer cheap web hosting plans that include a free domain name, free website builder, website templates and free setup.  Below you will find two that I recommend.

This web hosting plan includes a free domain name, unlimited Hosting Space, unlimited  Transfer (bandwidth), Free website  Builder, Professional website templates, Free Setup and much more for only $3.95 per month. Click Here for more details.

  Build Your Site Online With Site Studio Template System! Easy to Use! This web hosting includes a free domain name, free setup, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth,free website builder, unlimited sub-domains and much more for only $4.97 per month

What Other Costs Do I Need To Know About ?

  • Cost Involved - Aside from your monthly webhosting fee the only other cost you will have is for your internet connection, which you are already paying.  Read more about the costs involved at the bottom of the page. No hidden costs, membership fee's or investment required to get started! Simply sign up with an affordable, dependable webhosting company. Then join the free affiliate programs and insert the links/banners they provide in your website.

Do I Really Need A Domain Name?

  • Domain Names  - Having your own domain name is not a requirement but a domain name will establish you as a professional entrepreneur. Choose a catchy domain name that is easy to remember and your visitors will probably return to your site again and again. Click here to learn more about choosing the perfect domain.


  • Web Hosting - Selecting a dependable host is crucial. It does not matter how fantastic your site is. If the server hosting it goes down, people will not see it. Many hosting companies now offer a affordable plans that include a free domain name, webpage builder and free promotion tools for as little as $3.95 per month.  If you need a domain name, website or hosting  Click here for the most affordable web hosting plans available.


  • Free Web Hosting Servers Free webhosting is okay until your webpage starts showing up in the search engines and getting too much traffic. Once you have exceeded the free bandwidth allowed. The free webhosting server will remove your website. They do not care how much time you have spent creating & promoting your website.  Another negative aspect of using free webhosting is the advertising banners and pop-up ads they insert. The ads they insert will cause your website to load slower.  Visitors on your site may end up clicking the free hosting servers ads instead of yours, which will cause you to lose sales & commissions.  Also, you can not have your own domain name when you use free webhosting and many of the free servers do not allow you to insert affiliate links.  These are the main reasons  I do not recommend using a free webhosting server.

Work From Home  & Earn Money Online

If you are searching for a way to earn money online without selling products or investing money, you are on the right page!  There are No hidden costs & No membership fee to pay.  Simply follow the steps listed on this page and you will be able to earn  money online. 

 It Is Possible To Earn Money Online Without Investing or Paying Membership Fees !

 Get your share of the millions generated in online sales every day, when people purchase products from major companies like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, &  Sears. The US Census Bureau has an E-Stat website that is devoted exclusively to Measuring The Electronic Economy.   The E-Commerce Sales in the US for the third quarter of 2007 was an estimated $34.7 billion.  Click here and take a look for yourself.   


The Internet has become a booming business! People are using the Internet for shopping more and more these days. With the click of a mouse they can choose and purchase the products they want and have the order delivered to their front door.  Internet shopping often provides greater selection, lower prices & more information. However, the biggest attraction is convenience.

  Simple Steps

  1. Start Today! Choose A Domain Name &  Dependable Web Host, Create A Webpage and Upload It To The Internet. Work Online From Home & Earn Money !

  2. Join Affiliate Programs

  3. Promote Your Web Page  If your page does not show up in the search engines, no one will see it and you will not earn any commissions. Traffic is very important so submit your site to all of the search engines. Many search engines allow free submissions.  Scrubtheweb  allows one free site submission per day.

My Experience Using Free Web Hosting   ....

As we all know very few things in life are 100% Free. When I first signed up to become an online affiliate, I was not 100 % convinced that I would ever earn a penny. I am skeptical by nature and always analyze every detail.  I am a divorced, self-supporting female who works full time.  I simply did not have money to waste on scams or schemes.

For that reason, I initially used free servers for all of my websites.  I worked hard submitting my pages to the search engines so that my site would get traffic and it finally paid off .... my site began getting 40 or 50 visitors a day. I was thrilled when I received my first commission check.  

I began to relax a little and was looking forward to my next commission check which would contain the commissions for the sales that my site generated in December.

I occasionally do a search in the major search engines to see how my websites are ranking. I was happy to find that my websites were still ranking very well. However, when I clicked the link to my site, I was very disappointed to discover that the free web-hosting server that I was using had removed my entire website.

My website was removed because it was getting too much traffic and had surpassed the bandwidth limit provided by the free server.  I decided right then to pay for web hosting.  I immediately updated the affiliate links on my pages and resubmitted my sites. Of course, I lost money in commissions for the month of December.  I now pay for web hosting and do not have to worry about having my website removed  or losing my customers in popup ads. Click Here for Reliable Web Hosting - Includes a Free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting space, free website builder, free website templates and more for only $3.95 per month.  They also provide more than 140 Do-It-Yourself Tutorials !



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